At Truck Fx we try to bring you the best prices all the time as a wholesale outlet we strive to give our customers the best deal and the very best quality. We also can work one on one to find you the lighting to suit your needs and bulk buying is no problems here at Truck Fx 

Introducing our new Night Fire range of lighting.

The clear light unit is a very popular choice, and we see more of these on the road as LED'S become a standard fit. 

the amazing Arrow led, this is the coolest tail light unit we have seen. this unit has the directional turn signal, plus built in is the hi powered reversing spot light, 

This great little light is in fact our best seller. Inexpensive and bright, this is the ideal smaller style light when you don't have a big space to place it. 

The three tail light option can solve many problems when designing the rear of your trailer or deck, and they look great. 

This round 3 in 1 light is a fantastic way to make your trailer or caravan look great. 3 of these each side will give your van that very cool look, and make it safer on the road.

This is your standard trailer  fitting, seen on 1000's of trailers nationwide.

Side markers. these are road legal side markers. solid Amber or solid Red on side of trailer or truck are not legal, these are and meet all specs and a great price. 



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