So where do we start !!! We all know that theirs not enough Class 4 and 5 Drivers to fill the needs of every company and many drivers have headed overseas to earn the bigger money, But the reality is big money big hours and no home life, then when you are home you are to tied to spend time whith the ones you love or mates who want to head out and enjoy life, Well i know all to well the feeling and said enough is enough,.


The answer was right in front of me, i set my self up as a contract driver and do the hours i wanted to do, first it was just a few hours reveling for drivers who were on leave and drivers who were sick but very quickly picked up the pace and i was doing 40 to 50 hours a week, the difference was i worked when i wanted to. 

Now i do 35 to 40 hour weeks, The problem is theirs only one of me , WE NEED YOU, WE NEED MORE, WE NEED PEOPLE with class 4 and 5 to become there own bosses. 

So how do you go about this. Its very simple, a visit to your accountant and set up your business, then once that is done contact us and we will get your page sorted on here.


Unlike an employment agency you keep the money you make, we charge a small yearly  free for the page, this covers the cost of the web site and the add we are running in the New Zealand truck magazine. We wont and don't profit from our fellow truckies, this is a new way to work and you are in charge.


We update your times and dates that you are available and anyone needing a driver ring you and deals direct with you, NOT US.

The more licences you have the more work you get. 


Start rates per hour is $36 plus gst and you take care of your own tax, PPE, ACC etc. if you negotiate  a better rate  then well done and enjoy working for YOU, 


How do you book a contract driver. simple, you can phone us or email us. go to the contract booking page and see whos avalible !! 


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