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truck whips.jpg
truck whip 1.jpg

KW 200 with its new Amber Red road whips. the last pic is with two whips each side, mega bright. 

bike and lights.jpg
bike and lights 1.jpg
bike and lights 2.jpg

Heading 1

Dean's  new drive lights.  3000 lumen, 3 cree  lighting system 

As the saying goes  "Be Seen - Be Safe"


logger 1.jpg

DPS logging Whakatane driver Bay Barsdell with his Self Loader and Night Fire whips. Not only a logger but looking at this also a great photographer. 

lees KW 200.jpg

Lee's Logger KW 200 with his new marker lights. be safe be seen, 

deano 1.jpg
deano 2.jpg
deano 3.jpg

Deano's Isuzu Curtainsider with new 900cm 24 volt tri color  whips, Amber /White with red to the rear. 

Also a custom made Blue Grill rail. looks amazing .

Harry  Murdock Contracting from Rearoa  has his Toyota  well lighten up, you cant miss it with new Whips, Rock Lights and markers with some to still come. will keep everyone up dated and new pics when finished.  

harry 1.jpg
harry2 .jpg
harry 3.jpg

Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and Andrew Clark approched us here at Truck fx to build him a set of very cool Electric Blue LED Whips. 

As u can see the out come is stunning and you wont miss this truck on the road. 


great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

clarks 1.jpg
clarks 2.jpg

Josh Baker has just sent us a picture of his Logger. 

these Amber  / Red  Night Fire road whips really make the truck stand out both on the road and in the bush.

We do both Loggers and Road trucks and make to most lenghts up to 1.5 meters long and all come with springs and alloy bases. oa d 

josh 2.jpg
josh Baker.jpg

For the Past two years Truckfx ltd has been exporting our Whips to Australia, we have now sent over 50 pair to all parts of Aussie. 

These pics are from the latest whips to hit there shores. 

Driving out of Wollert with his KW200 is Claudio Curzi with his newly fitted Amber / Red road whips

pup 4.jpg
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