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As a company TruckFX is dedicated to supplying the best gear for the job. Now with winter upon us, and drivers frequently becoming ill, it can become a problem. Loss of productivity is never good, and with the lack of standby drivers available its a very real problem.

Part of the problem is that drivers are in a heated environment ie: their cab all day, and when they have to get out to load and unload they go through the changes of temperature

This is where the problem starts, so TruckFX has looked at this, and gone through all the scenarios. What we came up with is the heated battery "Power Vest" It can be worn under a 

Hi Vis vest or Hi Vis jacket giving them a warm environment outside the cab. The vest has a longrun battery which lasts for 3 hours on full, 4 on medium & approximately 5 hours on low, and can be recharged in the truck while driving.

Looking after the health and safety of your staff is paramount, and we are only too happy to be able to assist in providing the equipment for this.

All New and taking health and s safety to a all new level . this is the new Truck Fx heated Led jacket. yes you read it right, giving you the warmth on that cool morning, working out side and in conditions that maybe hard on the body and over cast, yes this is for those people and if you work night shift this is a must have. 

Heading 1

Also now available is the new Led hivis . BEEN SEEN BE SAFE.

Technology has  come a long  way with the introduction of heat wear. but Truck Fx has gone that wee bit further and our heat wear can also have safety ligting built in. yes you can been seen and warm we also have heated gloves and socks so if you are a truckie or a farmer, maybe a road worker then check these out. 



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