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We do a large range of safety lighting which is suitable for the work sector.


We do a range of flashing lights, work light bars and safety whips.

These whips can be used in places such as port vehicles, forestry vehicles, mines and quarries.

The safety whips are manufactured here in NZ, and can be made to any companies safety specs, up to 2 metres long, and colour of choice, but the amber and red combination is the most common choice.

Light bars come in many different configurations from short 7 inch to the 5 foot long.

We are able to source light bars that have an amber flash ability when needed.

Site Safety Whip




Our 3000 Lumin head light is fully rechargeable and can be charged in your vehicle or at home. this comes with battery's and charger  and can be charged on any 12 volt system. this head light has a rear red safety light.  


Fork Lift Zone safety lighting

check out our full page under fork lift zone lighting. 

quick release whip base.jpg

We have launched our new two metre tall safety whip. This whip is used in places such as Shipping ports, Mines, Quarry's, in fact any place  you cant be seen easily.

These have a quick release system for ease of use. . 

This whip, in fact all our whips are made here at Truck Fx and can be repaired should damaged occur.

We can build them to your specifications, this includes length and colour . We can also ad a flasher mode for added visibility.

Quick release alloy base.

road safety lights.jpg

Rechargeable road safety light set.

This can be charged between jobs or back in the office.

These lights are ideal as road markers or used to mark out a places you don't want

people or use  with tow truck work.   

Very bright intelligent lighting.  

Flashing light.jpg

This multi function roof light is one of our biggest sellers. very bright and clear light gives the operator protection and piece of mind that he can be seen.

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