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Light Bars & Spots

Truck Fx has a great range of LED Light bars from the new Night Fire range. 

We have Led light bars from the new Blaster 2 inch flood light to the insane 50.000 lumin flood rack for the serious off road 4x4. 

light rack.jpg

This is the most power full light rack we sell, with over 50,000 lumin it makes the darkest night into day light. this 7 piece set can be fitted to most roof rack systems.  Please note these are not a standard stock item and needs to be ordered in as required, 

round black.jpg
round red.jpg

These are the Night Fire 50, They come in Two colours black and red. they look great on the 4x4 or truck, as we are a whole sale out let we don't hold a lot in stock but we can supply to you in 8 days as we have these made for our customer so you get just what you ordered.


The new release Night Fight blaster.

these amazing lights have a 90 degrees beam spread very power full. 

round 18.jpg
7 inch.jpg

7 inch light bar. clear , bright, and reliable 

our round 4 inch 18 Led spot light is a great seller, this light is used for backing lights for heavy trucks also as work light.  


High power 185 watt LED spot lights for SUV 

Curved Bars are very popular and great for trucks and 4x4s alike 10 to 30 volt. 

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