So we hear this a lot. {we bought  LED whips from overseas and they didn't last long........

The problem is simple "DONT BY CHEAP RUBBISH" Our Whip masters are well trained in the art of whip making. 

We are now exporting to other countries as the word gets out, our whips have a few differences to other imported led whips. 

1/ We use heat treated acrylic tube:

2/ Our whips are very bright due to the fact we use 60 led per meter tape.

3/ We stand behind our product and it makes us very proud when we see or products on a truck standing out in the crowed. 

You may have noticed, when you see whips on a truck and you can see each individual LED that those aren't from us. Our led whips look like one long light, also our whips all come with a chrome spring and a alloy quick release base. 

price starts at $135 plus  gst per whip for a 600mm long whip and go to $175 plus gst for the 1500mm version. 

Truck fx ltd supplies many of the port company's here in NZ and Australia with our safety whips. 

A common question is are they an ariel and can you pick up radio channels on these, {NO}  these are solely to bling up your truck. and also a very good safety  light when in busy ports or work areas. 

You will be seeing a lot of Truck Fx in the future as we aim to get to all truck shows from Christchurch to Auckland, come say hi we would love to meet you.