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LED Truck whips


Now we have heard through the grape vine some of you have had the fuzz give you a hard time over the color amber we use in the road whips. let me assure you this color is legal. BUT we have takin this on board and created a new amber /yellow. this should solve this problem, its really very sad when a cop has nothing better to do than hassle us truckers over a color . .  and funny thing is 99% of them are fine but sadly 1 % have issues, just think guys at least you don't live with them . 




Well what a year or should we say what a crazy few years, yes we are like every business in the world having supply issues, getting stock and component's to build our truck whips. The good news is we have plenty of stock right now. so if you want those whips, now's a good time to order. 


so if you require a new set of whip or you need some repaired, let us know. The quicker you order the faster we can get them made.













Coming soon is our new black hawk road whips. Full black out !!!!!  then you turn these beauties on WOW.

we can make any color LED as long as we can get it, Back Hawk will be the best of the best.  Pics to come soon. 

Also the new back screen led display,  yes Truck Fx is working on our new very cool back window display.  This means you can have what ever design you want in the back window and it will light up, Kenworth / Mack / Volvo / the list goes on.  RGB color or just one color with glow or dime function.  watch this space.

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