Hey all you guys and gals, truck drivers, contruction equipment movers and groovers, look at what we can get you for some awesome down time play vehicles.  Be it a Dump Truck, a Front End Loader with bucket or log grab, a Tower Crane 1.2 m tall, a Track Crane with the power to impress, or maybe an Excavator, then check the pics below for what we can ship in.  Full metal contruction with a bit of plastic thrown in for good measure....we all want a balance in our work life.

We are taking orders with a small deposit to secure your purchase.  Due to covid-19 pandemic air freight has gone through the roof for costing, so we are now shipping at a much more reasonable delivery cost, but we need to bring a pallet of goods each time to secure the better freighting costs.  Time for this once on the go, will be approx 29 days to reach our shores.

So Truck fx is currently working with their construction toys moving 2 cubic metres of dirt to the back of the property every lunch time with their dedicated staff.........may still be on task well into next year! Support local, buy local, support Kiwi businesses.


digger 1.png
rc digger log grab.jpg
Dump Truck.jpg
front loader.png
front loader 1.png
digger with rock braker.jpg
digger with bucket.jpg
rc dumpy.jpg