TruckFX was started with the Big Rig Trucks and Truck and Trailer units in mind, to be able to supply quality lighting to the truck industry at a great price.

From the start of this business to now, we have started manufacturing our own brands, with the best lighting unit being the TruckFX side whip.  This is the LED light whip you see on the truck mirrors.  

We make these to order, any length up to 2 metres, and in any colour you want.

Please note that information from New Zealand Transport Agency states the legal colour is red in the rear with white front, or red in the rear with amber in the front.

We supply tail lights, LED light bars, lighting looms, side marker lights, spotlights etc, also a range of under chassis lighting.

truck whip 2.jpg
quick release whip base.jpg

Our new Night Fire  LED Truck whips are flying our the door. 

We can make any size or colour you require, road legal colours are red rear white or amber front. these are quick release. 

The new Night Fire Quick Release Alloy base

dash cam.jpg

So i don't need to tell u what the hash reality's  of being a trucker is when it comes to other road users. it was never there fault nope its always ours fault, the trucker.  

Well i have just the gear to help you out.

This is the amazing  two way cam. yep it records in front and behind at the same time and have proved so valuable. one cam on the right side mirror and  one aiming forward, lets see them talk there way out of that.


mirror lights.jpg

Dress up the front of your truck with  10 v to 24 volt LED marker lights, an easy way to make your truck visible to every one coming towards you. 

You can get sets of 10 or 20 pieces from just  $100.  Reliable and bright these  are true value for money.

deano 2.jpg

Grill lighting is very popular and we can make it to fit your truck, from KW'S to Macks and every thing in between. 

Any color u want and yes its legal. 24 volt  or 12 volt up to 1.8 meters long and yes we can bend it to fit your grill. looks great and what a way to bling your RIG.